Abingdon Seniors

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Abingdon YFC Seniors is for anyone aged between:

17 - 26 years old*

Although its called Young Farmers, you don't actually have to be a Farmer to join. Our members come from all different backgrounds. *You also dont have to be Young to join as we have a number of associate members in our club (26 years and over). As an associate member you can attend all the meetings and activities, you just can't take part in the national and county competitions. 

We meet up every Thursday at 7.45pm 

Check out the programme see what we're up to this week!




What do we do?


We literally have something for everyone. Each week we will meet up to do an activity whether its attending a talk about Bee Keeping or learning about stock judging, there is always something different happening.

We have a commity that puts together the programme for each week, activities are planned by the members for the members. So if you have any ideas for activities let us know! Here's a selection of some things we got up to this year:

Farm Olympics

Ghost Tour







Farm Tours


Tractor Handling


Tug of war

Float building


Ice skating



High Ropes


To join Young Farmers there is a yearly membership fee. 

The age groups are divided into the following: 

Intermediates: 16-21 year olds - £45 Annual Subscription

Senior: 22- 26 year olds - £45 Annual Subscription

Associate: Over 27 years - £20 Annual Subscription


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Where do we meet?



Our board room (meeting room) is located at Manor Farm in Marcham, this will be for meetings such as movie night, AGM and talks from local businesses. The rest of the time we meet at the location of the activity which we'll let you know in advance. 

If we haven't managed to persuade you to join already, please feel free to email one of our member to ask them any questions about the club. 


Meeting Location

Manor Farm* 

Marcham, Abingdon, Oxon

OX13 6NZ

*Boardroom above Cumbers Farm Shop

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