The Mike Jefferies Development fund was set up by the members of OFYFC in memory of Mike Jefferies, OFYFC Rural Development Officer. With the support of Mike’s wife Julianne, the Mike Jefferies Development Fund was launched in November 2007.

The purpose of the fund is to strengthen the YFC clubs in Oxfordshire by providing financial assistance for club officer training, skills training, club support, marketing, recruitment and other county events and activities.

We now employ a County Coordinator on a part time basis to carry out this work. We will need sufficient funds for this to continue into the future. We want to see OFYFC prosper in the future and the on going  scale of  activities will depend on the money raised, so we need to unite together to raise as much as we can.

What can you do to help?

We would be delighted to if you were able to donate to the fund but equally you could join the team of people who run a series of fundraising events throughout the year. If you would like to get involved please contact Jo Arnold at County Office.



The Marlborough travel and advancement fund was set up by John Wilmer (Life Vice President of OFYFC) and others in 1982 with the aim of helping members of Oxfordshire YFC to broaden their horizons by providing financial support for travel and educational activities. 

In order to apply members fill application form below, and are then invited to attend an interview, if successful, they will be required to submit a report on their return from their travels. The Selection panel meet twice a year, in March and October to consider applications.

In the past, funding has been awarded for the following:-


Junior Camping Weekend

Junior Activity Weekend

Senior Club Officer Training Weekend

First Aid courses

Dry Stone Walling courses

Chainsaw licences

NFYFC Discovery 








New Zealand






The Oxfordshire Agricultural Society Trust was set up in 1978 following the winding up of the Oxfordshire Agricultural Society. The board objective of the Trust is to promote agricultural efficiency by providing financial assistance for relevant activities to individuals, groups or organisations connected with agriculture/rural activities in Oxfordshire.

Preference is usually given to younger people near the start of their careers in the industry, or to Organisations concerned with young people. However, the Trustees also actively consider other applications if they fall within the Trust terms of reference.

Since the Trust’s formation it has, from its modest annual income, supported a large number and wide range of activities/projects which can be broadly categorised as follows:

  1. Grants towards the cost of overseas study tours by applicants who have been seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and rural affairs outside the UK.
  2. Grants towards the cost of hosting, by individuals or Organisations, visits of overseas students to Oxfordshire.
  3. Grants to teachers and research workers towards expenses incurred whilst taking part in agricultural/rural affairs conferences, study tours or other projects in the UK and abroad.
  4. Grants to students towards the cost of attending agricultural courses at schools or colleges where it has been demonstrated to the Trustees that normal funding support was insufficient.
  5. Grants towards the cost of training courses, many organised through the YFC, aimed at developing rural leadership qualities and rural skills and providing relevant opportunities for these to be applied for wider benefit.
  6. Grants towards the costs of projects seeking to offer opportunities for the improvement of knowledge and understanding of rural issues and rural ways of life.


For more information on the application process visit www.oast.org.uk



200 club.jpg

The OFYFC 200 Club needs your support to help raise funds for the running of the County Federation.

The more members we enrol, the more money we can donate to OFYFC each year. So please persuade your members, family and friends to join. There is a chance of winning 44 cash prizes in the year.

Details and application forms from Amy Cox:

Telephone: 01844 338 855

Email: agricamy@hotmail.com


Formed in 1984 as a way of raising funds to help contribute towards the running costs of the County Federation.

£20 per year.

Monthly draws for 4 cash prizes (£50, £35, £25 and £20)

September draw: £100 and December draw: £250

Unfortunately we do not have 200 members. SO may we appeal to you to sell the 200 Club around the County and help us to reach the magic ’200’ number.

This is a great way to support the running of OFYFC and have a chance of winning cash prizes each month. So go on, join today!

Aplication form: 200 club